What Is an HTML Email Design?

There are two types of email you can use for your email marketing campaigns: Plain text email offers regular text with no images or fancy designs and is compatible with virtually all email apps and services. HTML email, on the other hand, lets you incorporate all manner of images, fonts, and layouts, just like a web page. It isn’t as universally compatible as a plain text email, but it typically delivers superior results.
HTML email design lets you create great-looking emails with lots of visual appeal. Instead of using plain text, you can use HTML email design to display a variety of colors, images, backgrounds, and fonts.
With HTML email design, you have the creative freedom to help get your message across more effectively. You can design an email that looks much like a page on your website, using the same graphics and colors and design schemes.
An HTML email is compelling, and it can be as eye-catching and as interactive as your imagination.

HTML eMail Design

How HTML email design works
HTML email design is just like HTML design for web pages. All manner of formatting information is added to the basic document by means of HTML code. Today, most HTML coding is done via drag-and-drop editors so you can design visually appealing emails without manually entering complex programming code.
See example

HTML also enables the use of interactive and responsive elements. An HTML email can include call-to-action buttons, links to additional online content, user forms, and other dynamics items.

What now?

Now that you know the basics of HTML email design, it’s time to incorporate HTML email into your marketing strategy.

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